A Horribly Limited Explanation From Asteria

One of the most formative experiences in my life was watching the 2007 film “The Nanny Diaries.” The movie follows a young impressionable fresh-out-of-college anthropology major who narrates her interactions with a rich Manhattan family as if she was studying them.

From that day onwards, I knew what I had to do with my life — to observe. So I did.

But my observations would simply fade away. The only rational thing to do was to write it down. However, I struggled to call myself a writer for the longest time. I always had these ideas but I can never put them into paper. I have the words to describe it yet it is fleeting. Sometimes, I get too overwhelmed because I have a lot to say and I only want perfection.

I think one of the reasons why I struggled with this is because at a young age I learned the danger of my words getting twisted and used against me. When you write something somewhere and somebody sees it, it is then used against you. Writing feels permanent, you can never take it back.

Instead of fearing writing, I now recognize the power it holds. I write to document my existence in this world and to romanticize my experiences.

After years of hiding and diluting my presence, I think it is time to express my opinions and observations in an art form that I love. I am grateful that I have my partner-in-crime, Rush and together, we present horribly limited.

We spent most of our time writing for others, but never for ourselves. Horribly limited is a newsletter that would feature our unhinged opinions about pop culture and media. We are no longer playing by the rules or designing ourselves to make us palatable for consumers. If you’re interested, you can join us!





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